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Iceland Inspiration

Bjork said it...

My personal fount is the highlands of Iceland.

And there's an inspiration academy. I didn't meet a pop star, but an enthusiastic local like Stina? For sure.

I was there to take photos, relax, soak in the Blue Lagoon and maybe a ride or two if the weather holds (it didn't). Cyclists tour and mountain and fat bike there, of course.

Leaving the agenda open to see what happens, I met Bergur from Lauf on our last day in Reykjavik

As they say about the weather.

If you don't like the weather out the front door, check the back.

And, of course we're traveling safe. Another thing the locals say, "A light breeze is just hurrying by."

Speaking of hurrying by, we just missed the Game of Thrones cast on the black sand beaches. A photo of the black sand is in the gallery, along with the ice caves.

Ever since TLC sang about waterfalls in 2010, I've followed their advice to not chase them and didn't. Like castles in Europe, if you've seen one, pretty much seen them all. But a melting glacier in the hottest year on record?

That's something to see. Really.

The loftier walls of the ice cave seemed to vibrate and tremble as the diamond blue light pulsated every few seconds. It’s a singular experience and you have to travel many a long mile to find it.

The Vatna Glacier is Iceland’s largest and you’ve probably already seen it in a Bond film or Game of Throne...