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Chris King ThreadFit30 Bottom Bracket

Turquoise matches all my acid wash jeans, so that's nice.

BSA30. Yet another bottom bracket standard? Yes and no, but...mainly no. Okay, but what is it?

BSA30 isn't so much a new standard as the intersection of two independent standards. Simply put, it's an external bearing bottom bracket that allows a 30mm alloy spindle crankset to fit on a English-thread frame (aka BSA/Birmingham Small Arms standard, aka BSC/British Standard, ie 1.37"x24TPI). Not all 30mm spindle cranksets will fit, though just those with a wide spindle. BB386, its mtb cousin BB392 or similar (Rotor Rex, Race Face 30, others) will fit, but regular BB30 cranksets usually don't. Just to be more confusing, certain SRAM "BB30" cranksets are easily modified into BB386.

Basically every major player in the crankset game (except Shimano and Campagnolo) is ready to move to 30mm spindles for their mid to high-end product but there are many new frames still being made with English-threaded bb shells, besides the many millions of pre-existing bikes.

This is where King have chosen to bring in their new ThreadFit30 bottom bracket. It uses the same bearings as their PressFit30, which means that it can be easily greased with their special injection tool. And of course, the Threadfit30 comes in all the garish colors people demand from the Portland-based company.

Of course, not in pink, gold, or pewter since King is in the process of phasing out those hues. Sometime next month...coinciding with NAHBS... they will announce 3 new colours for all their products. I'm convinced that they're bringing back purple because -