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Rainy Season with Rapha's Winter Jacket

When the rains return and you know they'll stay too long like an unwelcome party guest, it's time to take stock of the winter gear.

A rainy fog.

Retiring worn pieces and critique new arrivals, I ritualistically re-Nikwak  old favs. They'll last another season for sure, as long as I don't wash them until they're grossly dirty.

In my time blogging about the bike and ultimately the weather witnessed 3 significant outdoor pieces:

  • eVent by REI—the membrane that broke Gore's monopoly, and brought a well-designed, technical jacket to co-op members at a big-box retail price
  • Gabba—a shell and jacket in one, cyclists can wear one less layer with Castelli's kit
  • Gore—see the first bullet, Gore finally responded to their too-hot membrane, with one that breathes for real this time. It even passed our tortilla test.

Showerspass also figured out how to make an eVent-type jacket fit better than a plastic garbage bag and even found themselves outfitting a Tour team.