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The smaller box that was in the gigantic box.

As a coach, I’ve had several clients use the services of bike flights direct in the short time it’s been around, and generally it seems that they’ve been pretty happy with the results. There have been a couple of late-arriving bikes, mostly in the bad-weather months, when not much that’s getting shipped is getting shipped on-time. Other than that, though? I’ve heard good things about the service.

Scott built up and ready to go.

Seemed about time to check it out myself, so, well… I did.

BFD sent me a GIGANTIC flat cardboard box. Like, seriously, gigantic. I wish I had taken a picture of it. How big was it? Big enough to fit a bicycle shipping box folded up inside it. Big enough to barely fit inside my mini-van.

Yeah. Big. So big, with some crayons and tin foil, you could make it into a spaceship for the neighborhood kids. Maybe charge admission.

As mentioned, inside this mammoth cardboard envelope was a bicycle shipping box, one of the company’s own design, with their proprietary bungee-cord suspension system that’s set up to suspend your bike frame in the box and keep it from impacting whatever the sadistic baggage handlers along the way decide to throw the box itself at.

One word: Directions.

Okay, maybe two words: No. Directions.

There isn’t a single piece of verbiage or even an Ikea style idiot-gram pictorial i...