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Pressure Drop

55s are the new 25s

The WTB tires Byron rode in the Methow this past weekend are well deserving of praise and awards, including, how well they drift the loose corners in descents. But does the category need another descriptor like Road Plus to dilute consumer awareness?

Every marketing genius wants his trademark to rule the world, but isn't it ultimately meaningless to attempt to own and rigidly define riding beyond the world of pavement? Instead of concerning yourself with such vain, worldly matters, a rider is better off focusing on that which connects him to earth beneath him. Remember:

Winner of awards.

You must learn, Grasshopper, that to ride hard, you must first ride soft. Soft on your tires; hard on your pedals. In all things, there is an action and a reaction, a yin and a yang. Do not fight the road with tire pressure, for you are only fighting yourself. Let yourself ride faster by letting some air out of your tires.

Learn how to roll a tempo and go slow fast. Put the pressure into the pedals instead of the tires and on the roughest terrain, let float and volume do the rest.