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Volata Cycles Everyday Bike

Ed note: After running this story, Volata asked to meet with us and test ride their bike. It seems we got the tech PR pitch, instead of the story about the bike itself; including the materials, research and design that went into it. Now very interested, will follow up with an actual review.

If I had a dollar for every pitch I get like this….there’s nothing here you couldn’t do yourself with a PO to a Taiwan factory.

Factories take credit cards: order a 1/2 or full container and call it something like ULEX. Then make up marketing words, like it’s an acronym. Make it seem rare by hiring an artist to paint it, hype the living F out it on Insta with #‎ulexforlife.

One note: ditch the 2.5-inch computer (whatever that is) on the front of it, and splurge for 6061; ask the factory if they can double butt, maybe even triple butted, bro.

If this idea has you so far, then please make the geometry reasonable, so it rides good, also so it doesn’t look the rider is gonna fall off the back or the front like a bucatini noodle.

The ride is the most important thing about a bike, after all, not the tech. That’s something big American bike companies have spent the past 25 years on, perfecting the modern road bike. And, the buyers...