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Right side U.P.

As Gerard Vroomen walked me through the finer points of the OPEN Cycle U.P. we both needed a minute…he got to the inspiration for the design, and what drove the innovation. While removing the rear wheel to show me a decal nestled next to the dropout, I remembered when Steve Hed first showed me his 650b bike at Interbike. It was the last thing we talked about before he passed. The quote Gerard placed on the frame is from an email Steve wrote to him and was the last time they spoke. Steve was talking about riding a prototype U.P.

The fantastic quote next to the limited edition decal, shot in a studio.

It was fantastic, and so pretty out. Brought tears.

Quote closeup.

The partnerships Steve had with people in the industry transcended brands and was about mutual respect and honor. Years ago, when Hugga first broke out, we promoted and evangelized the C2 platform — wider rims, that Steve designed, were eventually adopted by most builders. Now the bike we knew was coming since 2013, and clamoring for since 2015, has arrived. It’s the Unbeaten Path (U.P.) and this one, number 17 of 20 limited editions made to honor ...