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To the surprise of no one in particular, SRAM admitted that they have stuck a hydraulic master cylinder into the levers of their unique eTap shifting system, creating what they call HydroHC. It goes without saying that their marketing division missed a golden opportunity when they failed to name it "Wet and Wireless."

On the bike.

The new HydroHC (or as Byron so aptly calls it "HydroTap") takes advantage of the lack of mechanical shifting mechanism to sculpt the lever body into a much cleaner-looking and presumably more ergonomic shape than the existing Hydro-R hoods. Of note, the levers apparently offer the ability to adjust the amount of lever travel before the pads contact the rotor, independent of the lever's reach adjustment.

HydroHC lever.

The matching calipers will be available in both flat or post mount, again not surprising given the fact that the consensus of bike manufacturers have begun to move to the new flat mount standard. The HydroHC levers are compatible exclusively with the existing eTap derailleurs; just add the other 11sp ingredients as necessary.


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