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Don’t Wait for It, Road Disc is Now

Out of frame, is another kicker, then a hard left back down to the Kent valley.

Climbed this hill so many times that I lost count. Sometimes fast and sometime slow, but never any easier. On a more comfortable, endurance bike like this one, the bumpy descent down the other side is less jarring, and the bike doesn’t bobble. Braked way later too, with the hydraulic discs, and widish tires.

The Wilier is what $3K will buy you in a bike shop these days. An Italian-designed, tip-top Taiwan frame with thruaxle, thrubolt, and flatmount disc brakes. It’s elegant, lively, and all set for rough and dirt roads. Gaining compliance in the thinnish front triangle and headtube, it’s less apt on gravel where precise, and predictable steering would clear thick patches.

Here it is in color.

A value at that price, buy it and upgrade the components to tone down vibrations. A set of carbon or tubeless hoops would improve the ride considerably, further smoothing out an already relaxed “race” bike.

When it comes to bike design, youth knows no pain, and up until now, carbon bikes were made as stiff as possible. As carbon technology enters its 30s, being a bit older and wiser, that