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Climbing into the Chris King Gourmet Century

Matt's Parlee

Chris King is truly the Willy Wonka of the bicycle industry. He makes the best hubs, bottom brackets, and headsets (among other bike parts) in the most wonderful factory in Portland, Oregon. Chris King parts are famous for lasting nearly forever without requiring maintenance, though their factory isn't an industry secret. They will give you a tour if you ask nicely and you can learn all about how they make these great parts, source everything from the best places, and do their best to recycle every unused piece into something useful. They also have an amazing employee café featuring chefs producing food that would rival the star chefs seen working at the biggest startups like Google and Twitter. Their bike-to-work program is unrivaled in Portland and every employee seems ecstatic about working there. Simply put, when Chris King does something in this world, it is always on point, well done, and approaches perfection.