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Letter: A Mt. Bachelor Playlist

Lonely Mt. Bachelor

Like a headwind in all directions, the uneven, rough-and chunky chip seal surface drained the watts, robbing my legs of speed -- setting me off tempo. Grabbing for another gear that wasn't there on the final hundred feet up to Mt. Bachelor a dirge shuffled in. Interrupting my concentration, it was a snatch of a song, a click of a shifter. Just a few Morphine downbeat notes from a standup bass and skip!

Then the mountain came into view with the intro to Kid Rock's Bawitdaba.

Up jump the boogie.

In such a rocking, good mood after a few miles of the descent and some power chords in the big ring, when Life for Rent came on, sang it loud and proud.

Still got sand in my shoes.

Passed campsites, trucks with trailers, and RVs. Like Mr. Jones they were drinking.

Cold beer in metal cans.

That poor Mt. Bachelor is never gonna get married, I thought, as I pulled the earbuds out with Rocket Empire still playing, and finished my ride back at the vacation rental. 

Four hours of climbing in the mountains and an hour descending, those were just a few of the songs shuffled, and played.