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Been Riding in the Mountains Lately

I had this thought while mountain biking recently…

I'm gonna push, click, and shift every knob and lever hanging off this ridiculously wide, flat bar.

At times, that meant I wasn't in the right gear at all, and my seat was dropped too low or high. Remember when, and it wasn't that long ago, mountain biking was like this?

A Manitou suspension was the game changer, back then, in 199

If you're a roadie, interested in the dirt again, companies like Scott are offering a whole new equation of fun with significant advances since front suspension was all shiny and new.

So much has changed in 20 years, and the bikes are totally different than the second-generation, production mountain bike I was riding in '94. Slack geometry for aggressive trail riding means your body position is forward with elbows out and arms up. Apparently having not used my T-Rex-style, cyclist-adapted arms for anything but steering and steadying myself on a road bike for decades, they hurt worse than my legs after 3 days of lift riding in Park City.