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A Year

A rough, ranch road

It's been a year -- yep a whole year, 12 issues, and we're celebrating with another one full of great content and riding. Earlier this week, I was in the Santa Cruz Mountains at a media event to launch the new Tarmac. The purpose of the event was to just ride for hours and miles, getting to know the new bike and without all the marketing or press releases attached to it. You get real intimate with a machine and equipment on a 45 minute climb, followed by a 40-mph descent. What I shared on our blog and social channels after the event was it's all about the road experience. In the past 20 years, engineers, designers, and marketers have refined the shapes and layups of carbon to focus on the best ride possible for the material.

Long, hard climbs

I've ridden carbon that felt wooden, way too stiff, chattery, twitchy, and unbalanced. It was just in the past few seasons that bikes have become better balanced and refined to what we're riding and racing. After making frames that quickly accelerated, the tail often wagged the dog, or bounced over rough road when leaned into turns.

The latest generation of bikes are much improved and the road rolled out behind us for the past year, and 12 issues, on some extraordinary machines, like the Tarmac. We made the most of our riding and thanks for following along and being part of what we do.