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Dear Henry, Love Jane

A windy day in Scotland

Day 1. Arrive in Glasgow

We arrived 14 hours after leaving home. There was no change in the weather, it was misty, overcast, not warm, but not cold. Jane looked up at me as we got in the cab, “I’m glad I packed my wool socks.” She wrapped her scarf around her neck twice.

I squeezed her hand, smiling at her. “I’m happy we decided to do this. After 18 years, we are finally traveling like we always wanted to.”

“Do you think we should have brought our own bikes?” Jane was looking out the window, the rain was coming down harder. She rubbed her arms, I moved closer and put my arm around her to try to keep her warm. If Jane wasn’t moving she was cold. I had been worried that 8 days in the highlands would chill her, but she reminded me that we would be riding the entire time. She would be fine, she told me, she packed her wool riding jacket just in case. I had called ahead to make sure our rooms always had a tub for her nightly hot baths.

Day 2. Group meet & greet. Walking tour of Glasgow

“Henry wake up, I want to go out for a bit before we have to meet the group.” Jane shook me gently, “I have coffee for you." She was dressed and seemed giddy, smiling at me. She was beautiful in the morning.

“You go, I want to sleep a little longer." She stood up.

“Come on Henry, I thought we were doing this to connect. I thought we were going to do this together." The sparkle left her eyes.

I rolled over burying my face in my pillow. She stood there for a minute, then I listened as she gathered her things and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Day 3. Train to Blair Atholl

“Jane, I can’t find my shorts. I’m sure I ...