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Tour of Friendship

Post-crash recovery

New experiences and adventures are what cycling is all about. I’ve ridden and raced in spaces and places far and wide and I'm always up for another challenge. So when I was contacted by Mike Pryde of Neil Pryde bikes and presented with an option to join his crew on their annual trip to the Tour of Friendship in Thailand, I looked at as an opportunity to do just that. 5 stages over 5 days in a beautiful country; yeah, game on. Mike is a good friend I met while cycling in Hong Kong and is generally the czar of all that is riding, racing and community in the HK. He’d rounded up a diverse and quite eclectic crew. Most were a mystery as I entered into this challenge, but cycling is a bond that brings all types of people together, despite the language, job, or social standing.

Notable characters

  • Anthony Dickson –- me, random white guy from Seattle
  • Mike Pryde –- The Boss, organizer and all around great guy
  • Sebastian Pilotte –- DS for the Men’s Club/Neil Pryde team in Japan and professional model
  • Mike J Rice –- Rep for Neil Pryde in Japan and all around good guy
  • Michael Rice –- Neil Pryde man in Japan, no relation to the above, yet a true gentleman
  • Yiuchung Kwok –- Silent assassin and ex-HK national team member
  • Herman Tam –- Cottage of wattage and co-comedian with Simon
  • Simon Yip -- Cottage of wattage and co-comedian with Herman
  • Uncle Fireman -– Hong Kong Fireman and one of the kindest guys you’ll ever meet
  • Orca Fung -– The most dedicated and awesome mechanic you’ll ever find

We were to meet up bright and early Friday morning at the sprawling Hong Kong International airport to board a plane bound f...