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Go-To-Gear: Tool Roll

Unrolled on the saddle

The Waxed Canvas Hugga Toll Roll is available in limited quantities, as a one-time exclusive on, and cost $40.00. Hand sewn in Seattle, we made them first for us and liked them so much, we made a few more for you. The main design driver was to stop ruining spendy shorts, rubbing against saddlebags and the velcro attached to them. Also not being able to keep track of saddle bags across a small fleet of bikes (the roll goes with you, not the bike), and having to spill the contents of a bag out on the ground to get a co2 out of it. Just like a mechanic, chef, or hair stylist, you roll out your tools. Then pick what you need to fix a flat and get back on the road. ´╗┐

Sized to fit a jersey pocket, the Waxed Canvas Hugga Tool Roll carries a compact multi-tool, patch kit, spare tube, co2, inflator, tire irons, some cash, and credit card. Dimensions are 12 x 6 x 0.5 inches.