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Respect the Gravel

A rouleur respects the gravel, teaches a child the same.

Metallic green sticky vinyl banana seat, perfect for standing on Matching frame
Bright yellow handlebar streamers, perfect for proving speed
A bell that died the year before.

Gravel driveway, 300 yards long
Beginning at the busy road, ending at the drop off to the yard
Steep edge on the right.

Wooden boards make great ramps, perfect for catching air
Except on round metal trash cans.

Red corduroy jeans, blue and white striped shirt
Long blonde hair flying everywhere
Zips sneakers, perfect for pedalling faster than the rest.

As I hit the ramp, I am free
I stand on the sticky seat

I open my eyes
Bloody knee filled with gravel
Pants ripped, shirt sleeve just gone
Mom has to dig the stones out.

“Foolish cyclists, respect the gravel.”