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Everybody’s Fool

Street Art Lance from Plastic Jesus

A couple months ago, an interesting new documentary popped up on my AppleTV, called The Armstrong Lie. It was directed by Alex Gibney, who was hired to film Lance during his 2009 comeback year, and Alex felt Lance owed him more interviews after Lance finally admitted to doping in early 2013. I didn’t have a chance to see the film when it toured art house theaters last Fall, but I sat down and watched it the day I discovered it was available for rent.

My Lance Feelings

Like any American cyclist (or anyone that lived through the 1999-2005 reign of Lance in the sport of cycling), I have An Opinion on Lance, and it’s largely been in the middle. I would say there are definite ends of the spectrum of opinion on Lance during the early 2000's, with one end being “he’s a lying cheating doper scumbag” and the other end being “he’s a cancer survivor on a crusade and never failed a test and you’re just a hater.” Though most of my friends occupy the murky middle of that range, I have a couple close friends at the absolute ends of the spectrum and it was always entertaining to have spirited conversations about Lance with them.

My own middle ground position starts with equal parts admiration and respect, but also featured a healthy amount of suspicion. It was too amazing, too good to be true that Lance returned from cancer and became almost an immediate champion. I’d seen Greg LeMond try and recover from gunshot wounds a decade before, and I’d known how much fitness I personally lost just being sick for a few weeks that I was always skeptical th...