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The Woods of Estell

Dressed in all black everything, like Johnny Cash

Scott sat straight up, his heart pounding, the sheets drenched with sweat. He looked at the clock, "Damn. Midnight." He sat there for a minute, then jumped out of bed and put his jersey on.

He reached the bottom step, and before he could mount his bike, he turned and stared into the darkness behind him. "Victor, I can see you. Are you going to ride with me? Or just stand there in the shadow holding your bike?"

Victor rolled towards him. "It's been awhile since I've seen you, mind if I join you tonight?" He tried not to yawn, but it escaped anyway. Victor's belly stretched his jersey, making the sponsor circle on the front more of an oblong jelly bean shape.

Scott nodded, dressed in black, he disappeared into the darkness before Victor could catch up. Victor switched on his headlamp and switched a gear to catch up to Scott. "How can you see out here without a light on? It is pitch black!"

"I've got great night vision. I can see a mile up the road. Your lamp is too bright, can you tone that thing down? Or turn it off?" Scott looked away from Victor, his eyes squinting.

Reluctantly, Victor shut his lamp off. "Tell me if we're turning or something, I can't see anything." They rode in silence until Victor became accustomed to the darkness. "We're missing you on the team, the team was tight with you on it, but since you've left, things seem to be falling apart." Scott kept his eyes on the road. "Not that winning every race is important, but we haven't won a single race since you decided to register solo. You surprised all the guys by coming up to take the race from behind last week. None of us even saw you. ...