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Issue 10: The Setup

Just riding along and there's a parrot that matches our kit!

So the lesser-known origin story of Bike Hugger comes from this one time when I rode from Austin to Creedmoor Texas and back. That’s where I saw a lamb being born and a cactus in a tree. Later on another trip, I watched a buzzard eat a black cat outside of a boarded-up megachurch. That still freaks me out and as a writer, supposed to write what I know, I eventually set out to blog about my adventures on the bike. A decade later, I started publishing a digital magazine.

Issue 10 is about SXSW, cause that's where we were during the production and editing of it and also animal encounters. Having told you about the lamb, buzzard, and cat... I also

  • Rode through the middle of a cow carcass during the Tour of Willamette
  • Watched a crow fly through legendary mechanic Eamon Stanley’s rear wheel during our legendary ride to Snoqualmie Pass
  • Avoided the squirrel that jumped up onto a fender, off a shoulder, and the back of my fellow rider
  • Stopped to inspect a road kill badger (very cautiously cause badgers are mean)
  • Seen enough dead possums to conclude they are the stupidest animal
  • Rode over a seagull on Alki, felt really bad for about 32 seconds, until realizing there’s no shortage of seagulls (I also never liked that Jonathon Livingston Seagull novella)
  • Slowed way down and rode really cautiously past a small moose during our tour of South East Alaska (a small moose means a big moose is nearby)

When I lived in the Tri-Cities and rode with the Chinook Cycling Club, there were three evil dogs that would actually wait for us. One of them ...